Display Zabbix data on Geckoboard




Display Zabbix data on Geckoboard

Posted by Rafael Lopes on .

In my humble opinion, Zabbix is one of the best server monitoring system across the globe. But there’s one thing missing: display data in a nice way. Zabbix has the Screens, Graphs, Slideshow features and yada yada, but all of them are not really good to watch it on a far TV because of the size, and even though you scale your browser, it doesn’t to the job well: Zabbix is a great monitoring tool to use on the computer with a person in front of it, not to display on a TV on the office where everyone can take a look and quickly know what’s going on.

If you also think like this, I made something that may interest you: it’s called PyGeckoZabbix – a tiny python tool that gets Zabbix data using the Zabbix API and displays to the gorgeous Geckoboard using the custom widgets. If you pay Geckoboard subscription plan you can customize your css, making your dashboard look gorgeous.

You can find PyGeckoZabbix on GitHub, it’s open source and it’s yours.

If you have some questions about the tool, feel free to use the comments area or open an issue on the project’s GitHub. If you want to just contribute, please help me organising the source code because it’s kinda messy (but works, lol). This was one of my first Python projects.


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