First impressions about WASD Keyboards and Filco Ninja Majestouch 2




First impressions about WASD Keyboards and Filco Ninja Majestouch 2

Posted by Rafael Lopes on .

Hey! It’s me writing to you from the new keyboard, the WASDKeyboard with brown switches and sound dampeners to avoid noise. The sound dampeners really gracefully damps the noise.

about WASD to Filco

  • Big key;
  • It has some jumpers on the backside part, that maybe is used to make tiny tweaks (gotta research);
  • The i/o is made using micro-usb, there’s a small port on the back of the keyboard and you can use any usb cable; if the cable is damaged, it’s just replace it (that makes a lot of sense, since not using a keyboard like that because the cable is damaged is PITA), this makes better for transportation as well.

about Filco to WASD

  • Very nice details, and keys with softly texture, more pleasant to type;
  • The ScrLock and CapsLock color leds indicates the colors of the switches, that way you don’t have to open the keys to know what’s the keyboard about.

about WASD to Filco

  • The left shift is small and the right one is enormous, they could shift this a little bit;
  • The quad layout is really quad, when I use it, the corner of the keyboard kinda hurts my hand (but maybe that’s my fault for don’t use all fingers to type);
  • The key is a little bit less perfect.

about Filco to WASD

  • Cable quality is inferior, and it’s locked to the keyboard chassis.

The Winner

I know that you will hate to read that, but there’s no winner. Each keyboard has strong and weak point relating to the other one. It’s more a vibe thing than anything. Sometimes I just want to use the Filco and sometimes I just want to use the WASD, simple as that. If you want to know more about mechanical keyboards, click here


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